Renew Your Hard Earned PMP® Credential from Anywhere across the Globe
with IntelliSteps 60 PDU's Program

IntelliSteps Renew PMP® Certification Program

If you are here, this probably means that you already hold a PMP® certification and are looking to renew it. So first of all, a salute to you from us, at IntelliSteps, for your wit and determination, with which you earned the prestigious PMP® credential. After all, not everyone holds the mark of respect that PMP® brings with it.

It is hence never a wise decision to let your hard-earned PMP® go. And this is exactly why IntelliSteps has crafted for you an extremely easy way to earn the required 60 PDUS for your PMP® renewal.

IntelliSteps Self-Paced Learning Program – Earn up to 60 PMI PDUs

Key Features

  • An opportunity to earn the required PDUs in just 8 Days!
  • Learn at your own pace, at your own time
  • Earn 10, 20, 30, and even up to 60 PDUs while sitting right at your home
  • Best way to stay updated with the latest project management practices & norms
  • Easy & quick way to acquire as much as 60 PDUs at once
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Affordable & convenient
Price: INR 14999 + (GST)
Offer Price: INR 7499 + (GST)
Price: USD 130
Offer Price: USD 99

More Information

Why Renewing Your PMP® Certification is Important?

Earning PMP® Certification is a complex process. It needs investment in terms of time, money, as well as energy. You go through a hectic exam preparation process, and finally, after a lot of efforts, you get to get hold of your PMP® certification. As such, letting it go after a period of 3 years isn’t sensible enough.

When you opt to renew your PMP® certification,

  • All you got to do is submit 60 PDUs plus the renewal fee to PMI, and you get your PMP® renewed for another 3 years.
  • By renewing your PMP® certification in time, you don’t have to go through the straining examination process all over again.
  • Renewing your PMP® certification makes you eligible to keep experiencing all the benefits that come along with it.

Renewing your PMP® certification allows you to:

  • Continue using your PMP® designation
  • Continue receiving the professional appreciation that you receive being a PMP®
  • Continue holding a greater employability score
  • Continue having a higher earning potential
  • Continue benefitting from the widened career prospects

Steps to Renew Your PMP®

Step 1: Earn 60 PDUs
As you may know by now, you need 60 PMI PDUs to renew your PMP® certification. There are various ways you can earn these PDUs, such as by attending webinars/classes/seminars/online training, engaging in self-directed learning, or by mentoring and voluntarily taking up project management sessions for others.

With IntelliSteps Renew PMP® Program, you can earn all your 60 PDUs at once while sitting right at your home. The course has been designed to enable you to keep up with your professional development and further upskill yourself as an efficient project manager. And you can do all this right from the convenience of your home.

Step 2: Claim Your PDUS in PMI’s CCRS
Now enter the details of your earned PDUs in Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) at PMI’s website. You can visit and log in with your username and password to enter the details of your earned PDUs.

Step 3: Keep the Documented Proof Ready for a Potential Audit
It is always recommended to keep a documented proof of your earned PDUs safe with you for at least a period of 18 months after the completion of your CCR cycle. It is necessary since PMI often randomly selects applicants for the audit, and asks them to submit the proof for the claimed PDUs.

With IntelliSteps, you need not worry about the documented proof, as we provide each of our participants with a soft copy certificate of the earned PDUs. This certificate comes handy in case you are asked to submit the proof for your earned PDUs to PMI.

Step 4: Fill the PMP® Renewal Application Form
Next step is to fill in the PMP® renewal application form to renew your credential for another 3 years. You can fill in the form here –
PMI’s PMP® Renewal Application Form

Step 5: Pay the Renewal Fee
The last step is to submit the renewal fee to PMI. If you are a PMI member, you will have to submit USD $60 as the PMP® renewal fee. However, if you are a Non-member, you will be required to pay USD $150 for your PMP® renewal.

Course Outline

  • An ideal roadmap for project, program, and portfolio managers for attaining success
  • The key traits of leadership: confidence, assertiveness, and the ability to take charge
  • Strategies & tactics for accomplishing the goal during tough times
  • Managing & leading difficult team members
  • Core management skills that are vital for emerging leaders
  • An insight into sustainable business strategies
  • Working with Microsoft® Project 2016 to gain better control of projects, programs, and portfolios

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of IntelliSteps Renew PMP® program, you will be able to:

  • Earn as much as 60 PDUs at once for your PMP® renewal
  • Learn about the latest practices and trends in project management
  • Attain a thorough understanding of Microsoft Project 2016
  • Upskill yourself with effective team management and leadership qualities
  • Create and implement sustainable business strategies and tactics to work


Q.  What are PDUs?

PDUs are Professional Development Units. They are the measuring units that can be earned either by spending time in attending classes, seminars, webinars, and self-directed learning, or by giving back to the profession by volunteering, mentoring, and other such activities. 1 PDU is equal to one hour of activity.

Q.  What is the difference between PDUs and Contact Hours?

Both Contact Hours and PDUs indicate the hours spent in professional learning or activity. However, Contact Hours are what you earn before earning your PMP® certification, while PDUs are what you need after getting PMP® certified so as to renew your certification for another 3 years.

Q.  What is CCR?

CCR stands for Continuing Certification Requirements. It is a program designed by PMI to enable its certification holders to update their earned PDUs in the CCR system (CCRS).

Q.  When exactly does my CCR cycle begins?

Your CCR cycle begins the day you pass your PMP® certification exam.

Q.  How long does the PMP® certification remain valid for?

Your PMP® certification remains valid for a period of 3 years, after which it must be renewed to keep its active status maintained.

Q.  How many PDUs are required to renew my PMP® certification?

You are required to earn 60 PDUs every 3 years to keep your PMP® certification valid.

Q.  Are PDUs transferrable?

Yes, a portion of the PDUs earned for one certification cycle can be transferred to another cycle. However, please note that only the PDUs earned during the last year of your certification cycle can be transferred, and the maximum PDUs that can be transferred are 20.

Q.  Does PMI conducts any exam for renewal of PMP®?

No, you will not be required to answer any exam if you earn and submit 60 PDUs within the 3-years’ time.

Q.  What documentation would be required for PMP® renewal?

You don’t have to submit any documentation to PMI for your PMP® renewal until and unless you are selected for an audit. In case your PMP® renewal application falls for audit, you will be required to submit the documented proof for claiming your PDUs. For instance, if you have reported 60 PDUs for attending an e-learning course, you will have to submit the certificate that you obtain from your training institute when asked for the proof during the audit.

Q.  What is the smallest fraction of PDU that I can report at once in the CCR system?

You can report as small as 0.25 PDU in CCRS, which denotes your 15 minutes of time spent in some professional learning or activity.

Q.  How much does PMI charge for renewal of PMP® certification?

PMI charges USD $60 for PMI members and USD $150 for non-members as PMI certification renewal fee.

Q.  What will happen if I fail to submit the PDUs after 3 years of earning my PMP®?

In this case, your PMP® status will become suspended. During this period, which lasts for a year, you can collect 60 PDUs and report to PMI to get your PMP® credential renewed. However, you won’t be able to claim yourself as a PMP® during the suspension phase.

Q.  What happens if my PMP® certification expires?

If you fail to submit the required PDUs and the necessary fee even during your suspension period of one year, your PMP® certification will be considered as expired. You will then no longer be able to claim yourself as a PMP®, and you will have to start all over again with applying for PMP® and passing the PMP® exam in order to be called a PMP® again.

Q.  Is there is an option to get an extension beyond the suspension expiration date?

Yes, but requesting an extension is possible only in case of medical illness, maternity leave, and military personnel.

Q.  Why should I invest in renewing my PMP® certification?

PMP® certification is one of those few credentials that have got international recognition and are accepted worldwide. It brings in plenty of benefits for its holders. But getting PMP® certified is not an easy thing. The certification process is quite expensive, and the exam is also a challenging one to pass. As such, if you manage to pass the exam and get hold of the certification, it is always a wise decision to simply invest in its renewal by submitting the required PDUs and the renewal fee. This way, you don’t have to answer the exam again, and there won’t be any risk of losing the credential.

Q.  Do I have to be a PMI member to renew my PMP®?

No, you need not necessarily be a PMI member to renew your PMP® certification. You can renew your PMP® even if you are not a member.

Q.  What is the main purpose of the entire PMP® renewal purpose?

The industry keeps on growing, and to keep up with the new trends and practices, one must enhance the skills, capabilities, and knowledge from time to time. This is the very purpose of the PMP® renewal process, which requires the certified PMPs to stay up to date with the ongoing and developments in the profession of project management.

Q.  Will I be provided with any certificate once I complete the Renew PMP® program from IntelliSteps?

Yes, you will be provided with a soft copy of the course completion/PDUs certificate, which you can use to claim your earned PDUs to PMI.


Program Registration Policy

  • Registration for any Training Program would be considered confirmed only when full payment is made by the participant via Current Dated Cheque/Demand Draft/Credit Card/Online Bank Transfer/Cash etc. to IntelliSteps Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Explicitly Confirmed by IntelliSteps Employee over email.
  • Participant/s hereby undertake that they will not request their respective bank/s for the Chargeback once attended/access, complete/partial training/course.

Program Cancellation/Reschedule Policy (When cancellation is done by IntelliSteps)

  • IntelliSteps Consulting Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any given Training Program in case of Insufficient Enrollments, Bad Weather, Exigency with the Trainer or any other event/s or unforeseen circumstance/s which are beyond IntelliSteps Consulting’s capacity.
  • In the event of such cancellation/s, participant/s may choose to obtain full refund of the amount paid to IntelliSteps Consulting or may choose to schedule their enrolment for the next available training.
  • IntelliSteps Consulting will not be responsible for any loss incurred on travel, accommodation, any other arrangements or any other loss or consequential damages that may be implied or assumed in the event of cancellation of any training by IntelliSteps Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Participants are advised to consult and confirm with IntelliSteps employee before making travel, stay or any other special arrangements for the training.
  • All refunds to be processed within 03 business days from the date of request.

Program Cancellation/Reschedule Policy (When cancellation is done by Participant)

Time Period Cancellation Possible? Rescheduling Possible? Cancellation Charges (Deductions in % from Total Amount Paid by the Participant) Rescheduling Charges (Deductions in % fromTotal Amount Paid by the Participant)
10 days or before the training start date Yes Yes 0% 0%
07 days before the training start date Yes Yes 25% 0%
Less than 07 days but greater than 03 days before the training start date Yes Yes 50% 15%
03 or less than 03 days before the training start date No Yes 100% 20%
Training Start Date or No Show No No 100% 100%
If Attended complete or partial training No Yes 100% 25%
For Self-Learning / 60PDUs / Renew PMP® Program Yes but Course Completion Certificate will not be provided. Not Applicable 50% Not Applicable

*NOTE: Training Completion Certificate will not be issued and will be on hold till the time participant do not complete the mandatory training hours and completethe full training program.

IntelliSteps Comprehensive™ PMP® Preparation Program (Classroom/LIVE - Virtual Classroom) - Money Back Guarantee
We at IntelliSteps understands the value of your time, money and desire to become a PMP® Certified Professional. In order to assure that your Investment is in safe hands, we are assured to offer you our MONEY BACK GUARNATEE with the most easy and transparent terms possible.

  1. You must take the PMP® Certification Examination within Sixty (60) Days after the Completion of the Training Program.
  2. You have attended the complete training program without any interruption i.e. You have not missed out on any class/session/training hours during the entire course of the scheduled training program and have not opt for the rescheduling.
  3. You have attempted all 2000 Questions from the 10 Mock Tests provided to you and have not scored less than 80% marks in each mock test.
  4. If in case you fail in your first attempt, we will provide you the training again for your remaining 02 attempts (01 Training for each remaining attempt) without any charges (Study Material will not be provided). This is applicable only if you are fulfilling the above criteria i.e. Point 1, Point 2, Point 3 of the Pre-Conditions.
  5. You must re–take the training from IntelliSteps within 30 days from your first attempt for PMP® Certification Examination and re-take the second attempt for PMP® Examination within 30 days from the completion of the second training program. Same process will be required to follow for the third attempt, if in case you also fail in your second attempt.
  6. In case you fail to clear the PMP® Examination after all 03 possible attempts in a year meeting all the above criterions – IntelliSteps will refund your money without deducting any charges.
  7. Money Back Guarantee will stand null and void, if in case participant has not attempted all 2000 questions from the 10 mock tests provided and failed to score 80% marks in each mock test. In such case, re-training/s for the subsequent attempts will also not be provided
  5. INTELLISTEPS CONSULTING PVT. LTD. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without any notice.

Expectations from IntelliSteps Comprehensive™ PMP® Preparation Program

S.No. What to Expect What Not to Expect
1. Discussion on Guide to PMBOK® VI Edition based curriculum on which PMP® Exam will be based i.e. 10 Knowledge Areas, 05 Process Groups & 49 Sub Processes of Project Management. Discussion on Applicability of PMBOK® in real life/business situations.
2. Discussion on Best Practices of the Project Management relevant in context of PMP® Examination. Discussion on How to Create, Prepare or use Project Management Templates.
3. Generic Examples to make you understand the concept/s. Industry/Project Specific Examples and Case Studies.
4. Discussion, Tips & Tricks on How to clear the PMP® Examination in First Attempt. Any other topic irrelevant from PMP® Examination point of view.

For Microsoft® Project 2013/2016 and Oracle® Primavera Training Programs

  • Participants will be required to bring/arrange their own laptops with software installation rights for the training program.
  • System Requirements:
  • Minimum 3GB RAM.
  • 20 GB Hard Disk Space.
  • Windows 7 or above.